Responsible investment and sustainable finance where do we stand now and where is this going?

Today we all know that sustainable economic development is a major issue for all countries and goes beyond the topic of climate, which is largely covered by the media.
It is no longer a myth but a reality of necessity or urgency. The ESG criteria that is Environmental – Social – and Governance define the bases of sustainable finance. In Switzerland it is estimated that 10% of all capital is invested in compliance with this standard and 20% worldwide. Geneva is a very active canton in sustainable finance, it was the first in 2017 to issue a “green bond”, a new financial tool where raised capital is exclusively used to finance projects with positive environmental impact.
From the point of view of the investor or the company that would like to invest in the market, none can ignore them today. The evolution of the demand and of the players is just impressive.
But concretely, how to apprehend the information and how to make one’s selection? We will have a chance to complete our knowledge on this critical, developing topic thanks to our  two guest experts.
Angela de Wolff, Partner Conser Invest
Angela de Wolff has 25 years of experience in the finance sector including 18 years in the field of Responsible Investment (RI); Among other things, she was the Head of Sustainable Finance at Lombard Odier Bank.
In 2007, she created ConSer Invest, an independent firm 100% dedicated to sustainable finance and responsible investment.
Angela is co-founder of Sustainable Finance Geneva and participates on the strategic committee. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE) and the Swiss Confederation “SIFEM”. Angela is also Vice President of the “Swiss Sustainable Finance” platform.
Angela holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Lausanne (HEC), a Master’s degree in International Management from IFOR-Bocconi in Milan and a Financial Analyst Certificate (CEFA)
Paola Ghillani. Founder and President, Paola Ghillani & Friends SA
A pharmacist by profession, she began her career at Ciba / Novartis. After a career in multinationals, she became CEO of the Max Havelaar Foundation. She became a member of the Board of FLO International (Fair Trade Labeling Organizations) and was elected Chairman of the Board of FLO from 2001 to 2004. She sits on various boards of directors such as Migros, Romande Energie Holding SA, Transitec SA, TwentyGreen Holding SA, and in expert committees of ethical investment funds. Paola Ghillani has been a member of the ICRC and now an Honorary Member. As an accredited InnoSuisse coach, she coaches innovative startups with sustainable development as their business model.
Paola Ghillani & Friends SA is active in consulting in strategy and business management and innovation related to sustainable development in the economy. More than a company, it is a philosophy whose vision is: For a better world through a responsible economy.