The Feminin Pluriel Nord’s board are happy to invite you for the next meeting on Tuesday, november 13th 2018 from 19:30, at the restaurant « Le Festival » in TOURCOING

The theme will be : Poor Housing in Hauts-de-France.

With our speaker : Capucine BARRUEL, Urban housing Project Manager, Assistant Cabinet Director, Office of the Deputy Prefect for Equal Opportunities.

About Capucine : Graduated from IRA in Lille, Capucine SEGARD-BARRUEL starts a career in public institutions. Pretty soon, she
specializes in city politics in the northern prefecture. Since 2015, she defends this policy which is close to her heart
with the delegate prefect for equality of opportunity. Often criticized, rarely praised, the dailylife of itsinhabitants? Beyond neighborhoods, how to acton the daily life of people throughhousing? Especiallywhenitisunhealthy?